What we do, when HAL goes all;

“It looks like we have another bad AE35 Unit. My FPC shows another impending failure.”

A piece of mind

With the VUK warranty, you have the piece of mind that if, if thing do go wrong, just ask HAL.

You can get in touch, we will arrange everything and a courier will collect the computer. 

All you have to do is make sure that the computer is securely packaged in the original packaging.

The 2 years VUK warranty

We are so confident about our abilities & computers.

We offer a full 2 years return to base, 2 year parts and  2 years labour warranty.

We do have an additional 1 year warranty, for another £145.00 and will be available on our product page as an option.

The warranty limits

  • Accidental damage.
  • Repair by third party during warranty period
  • General wear and tear, misuse, neglect or damage by the purchaser.
  • Install the goods incorrectly.
  • Overheating, due to excessive dirt\dust build up.
  • Consumables (battaries, printer toner\cartridges, etc.).
  • Data recovery and backing up of data, files and software.
  • Remedy for software incompatibility or software installed incorrectly, which is not provided.
  • Remedy for viruses or other malware.
  • Compatibility for 3rd party software\hardware.

To keep things simple, we kept the page on point.  For our full Terms and Conditions, please click here.

Designed and Built

for Everyone

Content Creators

Photography, Post Production, Streaming, Graphics Design, 3D Design, VFX & Rendering


Software & Web Developers, Web Designers


CAD,  Modeling, Simulation, Photography & GIS


Machine Learning, AI, Data Analysis & Applied Maths


With our standard specs, YES

Why? VUK Computers

Exceptional Service

As we do our own optimised operating system builds, we offer limited support OS support for all our systems.  Whether Linux or Windows.

On hardware you don’t need to worry we support all our systems and are ready and able. 

Build Quality

We build our systems using only the highest quality components, hand picked and tested.

The aim is to have the  best hardware and operating system compatibility and optimisation, so no bloatware either.

We Love I.T.

We first and foremost love designing, building, tinkering and optimising.

Having been avid gamers and professionals, we have the experience and knowledge on producing outstanding systems.  

Our Mission

Bringing Back Fun

Making computers fun again, they are still the best all in one package for not just work, but education and work too.

That is why we are offering pre-installed Linux systems, with Ubuntu & Linux Mint.

You will not be disappointed.

Innovation & Openness

We are great proponents of opensource, repairability & serviceability, our computers are designed with this in mind.

Privacy, security and control are most important. On our systems where possible we remove\limit telemetry or lock ins.

So, why not buy a VUK Linux

Your Important

We aim to provide industry leading support and service and offer you systems that have exceptional 'Out of the Box' experience.

Our aim is to be successful, but the right kind of successful.

This is why we are offering pre-installed Linux systems.

Treating yourself

Not sure what computer to get

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