Linux Desktop

VUK Ulva not only gorgeous. High end components,  exceptional build and design, to maximise performance.

This is a welcome addition to any workflow.

Supreme Performance

Sublime, Supreme & Superb. The total Ubuntu or Linux Mint Linux package, designed with the power user in mind and configured as such.

Optimised and configured before finding a new home.

Professional Linux Desktop

It is all about having the right tools, with our VUK Ulva Linux desktops, you are entering the opensource world.

That is why we have made sure that the best components are used to provide exceptional and robust systems and compatibility with Ubuntu & Linux Mint.

These systems are not only great tools, but make computing fun again.  Also, you are in total control of hardware and software.

Graphics Taken To The Next Level

Ensuring the right AMD or Nvidia based graphics cards are a part of the total package, we have opted for the 16GB graphics cards as the bare minimum, which we know ensures the best results.  From here you can upgrade to you hearts content. We ain’t messing.

Stay Cool, Be Cool

Our VUK Ulva range of computers to keep everything running at their optimal level and to prevent throttling.  All, our systems have the most robust internal fans blow cool air into the system, and fans that dissipate hot air out.  Allowing our systems to run smoothly at higher loads.

Optimised Air Flow

Two large fans of 140mm reducing the need to run at higher rpm’s bring cool air into the system.  This results in lower acoustics and a quieter system.

Room For Improvement

Our CPU have the best in class cooling solutions in addition to the air flow of the case.  Ensuring an effective totally optimal smooth system whatever the workload.

Ease of Upgrading & Servicebility

Easy access to your motherboard, allowing you to upgrade with ease and repairs.  Add more drives, memory or graphics cards at your own behest with our open hardware configuration.

All Round Accessibility

Unscrew the lid and get into your computer without having to worry about obstructive wires or loose part.

It's All There

Wires for upgrades are provided, so any addition that require extra power or connections it’s all there.

Expanding the Storage

Unscrew the side panel, and install the maximum number of 2.5″ SSD storage & 1 x 3.5″ bay.

VUK Ulva Specifications

Opensource computing

Operating System

Video Port
Rear i\o Port
Rear Audio
Power Supply

Ubuntu or Linux Mint LTS
Intel i5, i7 or i9
Integrated Intel UHD or Nvidia\AMD GPU
1 xDisplay port & 1 x HDMI
Up to 128GB Dual Channel DDR5

Mic, Line out, SPDIF out
2.5GbE, Wifi 6E with Bluetooth

Operating System

Video Port
Rear i\o Port
Rear Audio
Power Supply

Ubuntu or Linux Mint LTS
Ryzen 5000 or 7000 Series
Integrated Radeon Graphics and/or AMD® or NVIDIA discrete Graphics
1 xDisplay port & 1 x HDMI
Up to 128GB Dual Channel DDR5

Mic, Line out, SPDIF out
2.5GbE, Wifi 6E with Bluetooth

Designed and Built

for Everyone

Content Creators

Photography, Post Production, Streaming, Graphics Design, 3D Design, VFX & Rendering


Software & Web Developers, Web Designers


CAD,  Modeling, Simulation, Photography & GIS


Machine Learning, AI, Data Analysis & Applied Maths


With our standard specs, YES

Why? VUK Computers

Exceptional Service

As we do our own optimised operating system builds, we offer limited support OS support for all our systems.  Whether Linux or Windows.

On hardware you don’t need to worry we support all our systems and are ready and able. 

Build Quality

We build our systems using only the highest quality components, hand picked and tested.

The aim is to have the  best hardware and operating system compatibility and optimisation, so no bloatware either.

We Love I.T.

We first and foremost love designing, building, tinkering and optimising.

Having been avid gamers and professionals, we have the experience and knowledge on producing outstanding systems.  

Our Mission

Bringing Back Fun

Making computers fun again, they are still the best all in one package for not just work, but education and work too.

That is why we are offering pre-installed Linux systems, with Ubuntu & Linux Mint.

You will not be disappointed.

Innovation & Openness

We are great proponents of opensource, repairability & serviceability, our computers are designed with this in mind.

Privacy, security and control are most important. On our systems where possible we remove\limit telemetry or lock ins.

So, why not buy a VUK Linux

Your Important

We aim to provide industry leading support and service and offer you systems that have exceptional 'Out of the Box' experience.

Our aim is to be successful, but the right kind of successful.

This is why we are offering pre-installed Linux systems.

Treating yourself

Not sure what computer to get

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