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Designed for professionals, built for everyone

You are looking for a new computers system, but where to start.

That is why we at VUK have prepared this computer buying guide.

Whether you are looking to, use them for AI, machine learning, cad, simulation, content creation, video and VFX, rendering, your daily business driver computer, for home or school and finally gaming and so much more.  This guide will help you

Where do we begin?

The symbiosis of design, technology and sheer joy.

Designed for professionals, built for everyone

The operating system is the thing that allows you to make use of your computer.  As the name applies, it is to operate your new computer system.

Of course the most well known are Microsoft Windows and the Apple MAC OS.

But there is a brilliant third option, this is LINUX. 

Linux is the kernel, on top of this we have DE s (Desktop Environments). Such as Ubuntu, Cinnemon, KDE and so many more.

We at VUK offer Linux based computer system, with Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

However, you don’t have to stick to our choice, you can use other Linux OS on our systems, such as Debian, Arch, NixOS and many more.

In conclusion with our systems we offer two operating systems;-

  1. Windows 11 Pro;
  2. Linux (Ubuntu & Linux Mint).

Our ethos is to offer system that put you in control, with the right tool for the right job.

The Operating System

Operate, operating, the operation

Designed for professionals, built for everyone

The processor is for all intents and purposes the heart and brain of the computer.

As, you go up in performance so does the cost.  

At VUK we have decided to have a base line processor, these are the Intel i5 and up, the AMD Ryzen 5 and up.

Whether you are using VUK systems for your day to day task, you are secure in the knowledge that your system can do that bit more when needed.

Good enough is not, what we do.

The Processor

Intel or AMD

Designed for professionals, built for everyone

As, our systems are designed for professionals in mind, the final build choices will reflect how powerful the system will be.

The Ulva system;

Is designed for those who want not only power but style also.  An, excellent choice and great all rounder for everyone, just check the specs.

The Aschak system;

Who need that brute raw computation power for some serious work.  Make the right choices and it will rock.


Desktop or Workstation

Designed for professionals, built for everyone

All our VUK systems come with the best motherboards on the market.  They are chosen for being reliable, expandable, latest technology and options. 

No matter what system you choose the Ulvak and\or Aschak, you can be sure it will have the right motherboard choices.


For Intel or AMD processors

Designed for professionals, built for everyone

Keeping the system cool, is highly important.  This being the case all our cases are chosen not just for style but how they can be configured to optimise cooling and airflow.

Our VUK system therefore offer you not only cooling solutions for the case but for the processor also.

We do not use stock coolers our processor cooler are hand picked for all our systems to offer the best in class cooling solutions.

In keeping with our style ethos we also offer RGB cooling options.


Keeping air flowing and power growing

Designed for professionals, built for everyone

Memory (RAM) matters, the faster the memory speed, the less time it takes memory receive request from the processor and read write data.

Flip side compatibility raises it’s ugly head.  Not all memory will necessarily work with any processor.  

That is why we at VUK make sure this is not the case and you are getting an optimised solution accross the board.

The minimum memory we recommend is 16GB, especially in the age of multi tab browsing and wanting to having your main productivity application open at the same time. 

But once you start going into more specialist application will all the other things mentioned than the more memory the better.


Let me see if I remember

Designed for professionals, built for everyone

Whether for professional use or gaming, this is a most important component for you setup.  

That is why we at VUK have decided to offer and recommend 12GB 4070 and above or 12GB Ryzen 7900 series and above cards as a base configuration.

This what we feel will ensure that you can achieve the maximum enjoyment and productivity.

We don’t believe in adequate and definitely not mediocre.

Also, keep in mind there are more specialist graphics cards, that we also offer which might not be 12GB.

Graphics Card

You need me for sure

Designed for professionals, built for everyone


All VUK systems come with high efficiency PSU, as these are the best not matter what your need.

They use less power, generate less heat and are more reliable.

VUK system come with 80+ Gold or Platinum as standard.


This how much power the unit can handle the higher the wattage more power more devices it computer can run.

All system come with 750 watt PSU’s upgradeable according to system requirements, for these reasons;-

  • PSU are at their most efficient under 50% to 75% load
  • It allow room to upgrade PC in the future.

It might be a bit confusing but you can always get in touch with us for help.

Power Supply

Feed me Seymore

Designed for professionals, built for everyone

There are three types of storage Nvmes, SSDs and mechanical hard drives (HDD)

Nvme and SSD ar the fasted and very reliable storage solution ideal for any operating system and applications.  Out of the two Nvmes are the fastest and these are the ones we use on the VUK systems.

HDDs are now the best solution for storage and backup, as they offer at this moment large storage and lower prices.


Where do I put everything

Designed for professionals, built for everyone

It is not hard building a computer, but making it all work together is not easy, it is all about the compatibility and the right components.  

We understand this and that is why we at VUK take the hard work out of this.

Our system are designed and tested to work at their optimum levels, without frustration when it comes to hardware.


Where does everything go

Designed and Built

for Everyone

Content Creators

Photography, Post Production, Streaming, Graphics Design, 3D Design, VFX & Rendering


Software & Web Developers, Web Designers


CAD,  Modeling, Simulation, Photography & GIS


Machine Learning, AI, Data Analysis & Applied Maths


With our standard specs, YES

Why? VUK Computers

Exceptional Service

As we do our own optimised operating system builds, we offer limited support OS support for all our systems.  Whether Linux or Windows.

On hardware you don’t need to worry we support all our systems and are ready and able. 

Build Quality

We build our systems using only the highest quality components, hand picked and tested.

The aim is to have the  best hardware and operating system compatibility and optimisation, so no bloatware either.

We Love I.T.

We first and foremost love designing, building, tinkering and optimising.

Having been avid gamers and professionals, we have the experience and knowledge on producing outstanding systems.  

Our Mission

Bringing Back Fun

Making computers fun again, they are still the best all in one package for not just work, but education and work too.

That is why we are offering pre-installed Linux systems, with Ubuntu & Linux Mint.

You will not be disappointed.

Innovation & Openness

We are great proponents of opensource, repairability & serviceability, our computers are designed with this in mind.

Privacy, security and control are most important. On our systems where possible we remove\limit telemetry or lock ins.

So, why not buy a VUK Linux

Your Important

We aim to provide industry leading support and service and offer you systems that have exceptional 'Out of the Box' experience.

Our aim is to be successful, but the right kind of successful.

This is why we are offering pre-installed Linux systems.

Treating yourself

Not sure what computer to get

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