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Although the main focus is on the processor, graphics card and the memory.  You cannot ignore storage, no point having the fastest of all of these components if your storage cannot keep up.

Not only is the right storage an important consideration not just for video editing but all other solutions that require a robustness and speed as important.



These are currently the fastest drives available with a throughput of 7000 MB/s and higher. Although, costing more than SSD drives, you get 12 times the performance.

In most instances in real world usage for most modern SSDs are more than fast enough and are rarely a bottleneck of performance before the the Graphics or the CPU processor becomes a limiting factor.

Where the high speed of NVMe drives come into their own is when you are working with high bit rate footage of 2000 Mbps or higher or multi-cam projects .  Ideal as boot, application, cache drives where performance is a mitigating factor.



Faster than your traditional HDD (Mechanic Drives),  with sustainable speed of around 560 MB\s.  SSDs of course they don’t have any moving parts, which means data access much better than HDDs.

They do cost a bit more than the traditional HDD put the improvement in performance more than makes up for that.

SSDs, are with their reliability and performance vectors one of the  best storage solutions we use in our system.  

Due their great performance and reliability, these drives are excellent for a wide range of tasks such as holding your OS and applications, storing media and projects you are actively working on, or as a cache drive.



This tradition main stay of storage, is now slowly being superseded by newer technologies.  Due to its mechanical nature they tend to max out at around 250 MB\s, so are significantly slower.

However it does not mean they don’t have their usage.  Due to their price per gigabyte cost advantage, they are ideal for archiving and backup solutions.

Network Storage Array (NAS)

This will help you with understanding, of the components used and the decisions we at VUK have taken as far as our design preferences and options.

If you need to expand your storage one of the best and highly recommended ways of doing so are NAS solutions.

Although their is a cost involved the extreme benefit can and do far out way them. As, they are available in desktop to rackmount versions. 

Major advantage of this solution is their expandability.  As, they can be integrated into your network and become a fileserver, meaning that you can have multi editor access and retrieve and save  files in a central location, which is operating system device independent.

In general, external and NAS storage solutions are terrific for long-term backup and archival, but without proper consideration, they can present issues when trying to use them as an active part of your workflow. External drives in particular can sometimes drop for a split second, which can result in “media offline” messages in video editing applications. NAS units don’t typically have this issue, but speed is often a hurdle when working over the network. The standard gigabit networking most homes and offices use only has a max throughput of around 120 MB/s, which can be just barely enough for a single user working with H.264/5 media, but inadequate when working with larger codecs like ProRes or RAW. If you have multiple users, the network speed becomes an even larger factor, which can require a fairly expensive network overhaul in order to get you enough bandwidth.

These solution are the next level for professionals, to 

Do I need

The raid solution we tend to recommend for your NAS or server solutions and not for your computers.

Depending on the raid option which tend to be 0, 1, 5, 6 or 10 (1+0), will give you either speed, greater redundancy or both.

The reason, for not using raid;-

  • Raid is not a backup solution, but a redundancy and optimisation one.
  • Is another point of failure.
  • Dependant on what raid was configured, data recovery can be more difficult.
  • Not ideal on personal computers.

This solution is a practical must and ideal when using dedicated NAS solutions.

Ideal Drive
Configuraton for
Video Editing

This is highly dependant your workflow and budget, so this is just a guide to help you in your decision making process, based on our years of experience.

Common recommendation;-

  1. OS\applications – SSD or NVMe 500GB or more.
  2. Files and Assets – SSD, NVMe or NAS 2 TB or more.
  3. Cache – NVMe  500GB or more.

If you are on a budget and require more for you money HDDs are ideal for archiving and managing files or asset, in conjunction with our common recommendations.

The main point is there is flexibility, however as newer solutions and technologies come to market, depending on your workflow and requirements these should not be ignored.

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