Terms & Conditions

The boring stuff,
but oh so necessary

Us:  Teqrepair t/a VUK Computers
Our address:  Access House, Unit 9120, 141 Morden Road, Mitcham, LONDON CR4 4DG
Contact detail: By post to our address
by email: enquiries@vuk.enquiries@teqrepair.com
by telephone – 0208 0900 686
You:  the buyer of Goods and/or services from us

Even though the information is of a legal nature.  All effort has been made to make our ‘Terms and Conditions’ as clear\concise as possible, we encourage that you read the these with care, before placing any orders for our goods and/or services.

You will be bound by these ‘Terms and Conditions’ when ordering.

1. Meaning of the terms used
1.1 “Agreement”: is a reference to these Terms & Conditions, Returns Policy, Privacy Policy and order form and payment instructions by you;
1.2 Customer, “you”, “your” & “yours”: mean you the person(s) using this website ordering our goods and\or services;
1.3 “Goods” or “products”: means  any hardware or software ordered from us, including and up-to  personal computer(s) or laptop(s) ordered by you from us, set out in your order form;
1.4 “Service” or “services”: means  any  additional configuration or home installation service we offer.  The detail are dependent on the level of service chosen;
1.5 “Terms & conditions”: means this document and any updates made to this document, as displayed on our website;
1.3 “We, “us” and “our(s)”: are referencing Teqrepair t\a VUK Computers;
1.3 “Website”: is referring to the website, www.vuk.teqrepair.com, run and operated by us, on which these Terms and Conditions are displayed.
2. Ordering from us
2.1 When goods and\or services are ordered by you from us, you are entering into a contract for the purchase of the goods and\or the services;
2.2 Order(s) that you place with us are subject to product availability and acceptance by us.  When placing an order online, an email confirmation will be sent to you confirming the order(s). 

If in case the goods are not available, we either contact you by telephone or email and will offer you alternatives goods and\or services, or the option of cancelling your order;
2.3 Unless you  are a registered reseller.  Goods and\or services purchased from our website by you are not for re-sale;
2.4 You may be required to provide a username and password, when ordering from the website.  It is your responsibility that you keep these detail secure and do not provide them to third party(s);
2.5 All reasonable care will be taken, in so far it is in our power to do so, to keep your order and payment details secure.

But in the absence of negligence on our part we cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party procures unauthorised access to any data when accessing or ordering from our website;
2.6 Description and pricing of goods and\services will be as shown on our website at the time you place the order(s); 
2.7 After the order(s) has\have been placed, you will receive from us an email confirmation acknowledging receipt of your order(s).  The contract between us is\will only be formed when we send the order confirmation email;

When order additional configuration and setup services, they do not include the following:

  • The guarantee that any existing peripherals (printer, scanners, etc.) will work with the new computer, due to potential compatibility issues or lack of drivers;
  • Cables and\or components;
  • Data backup or virus removal (As existing viruses on your device may prevent the carrying out of these services)*;
  • Transfer of files from systems older than 5 year, running an operating stem older than Windows 98, or with a processor below intel 386 or equivalent*;

* If you do wish to have your data backed up or transferred to you new computer.  We can refer you to Teqrepair, but this may incur additional charges;

2.9 Any cancellation of configuration and setup service(s) within a period 24 hours of the original confirmed order\booking and a reschedule is requested a re-order\booking fee will be required.  This will be available on our website, by telephone or email;

When calling from England, Scotland or Wales: calls to 03 numbers are included in your standard network minutes from mobile phones when on contract and also any inclusive call packages from land-lines. If you do not have a call package or you are using pay as you go, the cost of calls is the same as to 01 and 02 numbers.

When calling from anywhere else: calls to 03 numbers may not be included in your standard network minutes or any inclusive call packages. Call costs may vary. Please check with your phone service provider before calling.

3. Prices
3.1 Where applicable all prices shown on our website are VAT inclusive, but exclusive delivery charges;
3.2 Prices are liable to change at any time.  These changes do not affect orders that have received order confirmation by us;
3.3 The price for goods and\or services ordered, delivery charges or any other charges where applicable will be displayed on our website, when you place your order(s).  When using a debit or credit card as your method of payment, these will be taken at the time you place your order(s) and not when the order is dispatched;
3.4 Payments made by cheque or bank transfer, goods will be dispatched only once the funds have been cleared.  It will be deemed that no payment has been made until funds are received and cleared;
3.5 Order(s) made using finance as payment, delivery must be made to the address provided on the finance application;

In case of incorrectly price(s) goods and\or service(s), we are under no obligation to provide the goods and\or service(s) to you at the incorrect price(s).  even after we have sent you an order confirmation, if on discovery an error in pricing has\was found.

If an error in the pricing has been found, will in you on an as soon as possible basis, by telephone or email and offer you the option of re-confirming your order(s) at the correct price(s) or cancel the order.  

If you decide to cancel, we will refund or re-credit you the sum that has been paid by you.  Funds will only refunded by\to the payment used to purchase the goods and\or service(s).   If, you do not re-confirm or cancel your order(s) within 3 working days of notification by us, we will assume that you wish to cancel your order and the order will be cancelled by us with a fee of £50;

3.7 It may be necessary in some cases to request additional information from you, to perform CNP (Cardholder not Present) checks on order(s) received, in order to mitigate fraud. 

This is in the interest and protection of the card holder, if you are unable to provide the additional requested information.  The order(s) may be cancelled or at our discretion the delivery address amended to the registered card address.
4. Promotions
4.1 Promotions can be terminated at any time and without notice.  This is including but not reserved to promotions such as, game codes, vouchers, free items and\or rebates which are subject to availability;
4.2 We will make all efforts to honour any promotions, but we can be held liable where promotions expire, are discontinued, terminated or no longer available;
4.3 In the rare circumstances promotions expire after the point of ordering and before order(s) is\are dispatched to you, we cannot be held in these circumstance responsible;
4.4 Payments made by cheque or bank transfer, goods will be dispatched only once the funds have been cleared.  It will be deemed that no payment has been made until funds are received and cleared;
5. Delivery
5.1 The assembly times quoted at the time of order(s) are approximates only and my vary.  Goods will be delivered to the nominated address by you at the time of order(s);
5.2 After order confirmation, your order(s) will be fulfilled as soon as possible and in any event with 30 days of the date of the order confirmation, unless there are exceptional circumstance;

To take receipt of goods please, ensure that either you or someone who is authorised to sign on your behalf is available. 

When accepting delivery, please inspect the package for any signs of visible damage.  If there is damage to the package, then you either refuse the deliver or sign for the package as damaged;

5.4 The goods\product will be at your risk from the time of delivery;

You can arrange collection of goods from our premises, this will be in co-ordination in advance. 

Please, make sure that you have valid identification(s) to demonstrate proof of your name and address, at the time of collection;

6. Cancellation and Returns

As a consumer, you may cancel a contract at time with 14 calendar days, starting on the day you receive the goods. 

You must notify us by whether by email or letter, in any communication you must quote your order number.  Notification by telephone is not sufficient;


Contracting as a business or trade customer, clause 6.1 is not applicable.  Order(s) by or on behalf of business cannot be cancelled once they have been placed. 

Order(s) are deemed to be business orders, if they are paid via business debit\credit card(s), business bank account(s), a company address or purchase order number has been provided;


On cancellation as per clause 6.1, you must return the goods to us immediately, in the same condition you received and accepted them and this will be at your own cost and risk. 

Your legal obligation is to take reasonable care of the goods, whilst in your possession.  If you fail to comply with this obligation, we may have the right of action for compensation against you ;

6.4 The supply of service, such us setup and configuration, or any such type if ordered will not be refunded because the service contract will be deemed to be fully completed within the cancellation period;
6.5 On receipt of the cancelled goods, we will refund you on the payment method used, your debit\credit card, a cheque or bank transfer for the full amount paid within the 14 days including the cost of delivery (the exception is in the case for the supplementary cost(s) that are incurred, if you chose a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by us) less the collection charge paid by us for the collection of goods, where applicable;

If you do not return the goods as required, we may charge you for the recovery of goods, a sum not exceeding the direct cost(s) in recovery of the goods, the exception for this is\are faulty or miss described goods. 

All original items delivered must be returned with the refund request.  This includes, but is not limited to welcome packs, software disks, cables, digital download codes, games chassis accessories and peripherals;


Software or consumable goods that have been opened, unsealed or activated, do not have the right of cancellation and will not refunded.

Please, see section 23(3)(b) of the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 for further information;

6.8 A full statement of your legal rights under The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 may be obtained in the UK from your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Office;

In the unfortunate circumstance, if goods supplied to you are incomplete, incorrect or physically damaged.  Within in 72 hours, you must notify us via email or letter or by logging onto your portal on the website and raising a request.

Failure to notify us within 72 hours of receipt of the goods, will result in the determination that any physical damage has occurred whilst in your care and that the goods supplied correctly and in full as per order(s);


In the case of faulty goods and wish to return them, you must again notify us within 72 hours of discovering the faulty and initiate a RMA request.

We will then once we have received the goods, examine and diagnose the issue. Dependant on the result, we will notify you outlining your options, via email within a reasonable amount of time. The options may be either;

  • Repair
  • Replacement or
  • Refund

We, will process  within 30 days from the day you confirm whether you opt for repair or replacement, or within 14 days from the day you opt for the refund;


Returns due to damage or suspected fault, we will arrange for collection at our cost with the first month after receipt or as extended by your warranty provision.

If it is found that the goods are not defective, then you will be liable for the cost of collection, return delivery, labour and new packaging if required.;


Any item that is not a computer or laptop must be returned to us using your own delivery method.

We will not arrange for any peripheral items at any time;


Collection arranged by us, the duty of care is on you to ensure that goods are packaged sufficiently and securely, for the type and value of goods being returned.

Due to nature of goods supplied, we strongly recommend that original packaging be used.  If original packaging is no longer at hand or available, new speciality packaging can be ordered from us.

If you use your own packaging, liability for any costs that occur because of inadequate packaging will be solely yours.

Once we have received the item in satisfactory condition, after opening and inspecting the goods, we will confirm to you that the goods were returned in a satisfactory condition;

6.14 Where using your own delivery method and the goods were found to be defective, we will refund you up to £10 of the cost incurred to you.  This is dependant on receipt from you of proof of carriage;

Returning goods under the 14 day cooling of period, if the goods returned are not in a resaleable condition, come without the original parts or configuration on the order(s) or if the goods have been handled carelessly and without good care.  We reserve the right to offer a partial refund. 

If the goods are returned without original part as per the order(s) we will notify you of this and request redress, if this is not forth coming we will offer to options a partial refund or return of goods at your cost as is;

6.16 Consumer statutory warranty right are still applicable and available to the consumer.
6.17 We are not obligated and unwilling to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board;
7. Warranty

All goods that we supply are warrantied free from defect for 12 month from the date of supply, this is in addition to any other warranties that you may have purchased.

This warranty does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer;


If you order a dedicated graphics card and the AIB (add-in-board) manufacturer name is not specified in the product description or on the final invoice, then you will receive a graphics card that meets the specification of the model/version stated. 

If the graphics card is exchanged under the warranty, then we will supply a graphics card that meets or exceeds the specification of the model/version stated. 

This model may be from a different AIB manufacturer and as a result the actual performance may be slightly higher or lower than the original model;


Subject to clause 7.2, goods found by us to be defective during the warranty period will be repaired or replaced with an item of an equal or better performance and equal or better value at the time a return material authorisation (“RMA”) is generated. 

All Products being returned under warranty must have been issued with a valid RMA number. Any goods received by us without a valid RMA number will be rejected and returned to sender;


This warranty does not apply to any defect in the goods arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage, accident, negligence by you or any third party (e.g. not using a surge protector). 

Use otherwise than as recommended by us or the manufacturer (e.g. in an unventilated / hot or dusty environment), failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, or any alteration or repair carried out without the manufacturer’s approval;


All LCD\LED panels should be considered as class 2, unless otherwise stated, these comply with ISO ISO-9241-302, 303, 305, 307:2008 pixel defects.

Dead pixels on LCD\LED panels are covered by\under manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions.

We do not guarantee that you will receive a replacement screen, should your screen develop on or more dead pixels;


When computer, laptop or storage devices are returned under warranty, they may be formatted or replaced, regardless of correspondence stating otherwise.

Data backup is your sole responsibility, so we can not be held responsible for loss of data.

You should take all the necessary precautions, to  mitigate data loss.


Laptop batteries unless otherwise stated come with a maximum of 6 month warranty, this is also the case when you make a  purchase of  one of extra warranty options;


In keeping with our ethos of opensource, ease of servicing and upgrading. 

We allow you to open and install your own components, without voiding your warranty, but these are on the following conditions:

  • Action of the person(s) installing the components cause damage to computer or laptop, you warranty will be void.
  • You install components that are not purchased from or through us and they cause issues with your computer, you warranty will be void.
  • Components, peripherals or accessories not purchased\supplied by us, we reserve the right not offer any support by helping installing or troubleshooting them.

We are gladly willing help and support you in installing any upgrades purchased through us;


We reserve the right to suspend the warranty or refuse service if your case, motherboard, processor or BIOS have been replaced without authorisation.

In such scenarios any tampering, repair or modification by unauthorised person(s) void the warranty;


If you have a warranty with us and it is still active you take the goods supplied by us to a 3rd party to repair or diagnose a fault, you may void all warranties on the order(s).

You will be liable for a;; costs for subsequent repairs.

We strongly advise you follow procedure, contact us and if necessary obtain a RMA number.


In the unfortunate event of any failure of software or hardware, we will not be held liable to replace, re-install for any software that is lost, damaged or corrupted.

This also applies to software provided for free of charge by us or any 3rd party software installed by you;


Any outside warranty repair ordered and authorised by your, unless otherwise stated will be for the maximum period of 3 months;


Should you refuse for the goods to be returned to you (for any reason) or refuse any delivery/re-delivery attempts, the goods will be held for up to 12 calendar months from the point the goods were first received. 

Once this time frame has expired we will re-attempt to contact you to arrange for any outstanding payments to be settled and/or re-arrange a suitable time to return the goods to you.

If you do not agree for us to return the goods or we do not receive a response to any communication (by email and/or post) and you do not settle any outstanding payments due and you do not provide us with a suitable re-delivery date within 14 calendar months from the point the goods were first received, the goods will be destroyed and/or disposed of. 

We will not accept any responsibility for any leakage or loss of data and/or earnings and/or any loss or damage in transit. You are free to arrange for your own courier to collect the goods if preferred. 

For the avoidance of doubt, a suitable re-delivery date is a working day within 30 calendar days of your response to any communication received.

8. Upgrade Service

Our upgrade service is for our customer who ordered their existing computers from us.

We make every effort to ensure compatibility but cannot guarantee it for anything other than for the original system purchased for. This service takes into account that you have not installed any other components in the meantime;


If you have opted for the collection and re-delivery upgrade service, it is assumed that the computer is in full working order and free from damage or defect.

If found that the computer requires repair and\or is outside the warranty, these are chargeable and we will get in touch and arrange payment before we continue the upgrade process;


Before payment and commencement for the upgrade service, we will ensure the stock is available for the components for upgrade have been chose;


When the collection and re-delivery upgrade service is selected you will have the opportunity to book in the collection wit our courier, after the new upgrade order has been processed.

The collections service will be automatically requested with our courier.  We cannot accept any responsibility or compensate for any failure to collect for any reason;


In the case the upgrade cannot be performed any reason due to negligence by us, you will not be entitled to a refund of collection and re-delivery costs or compensation of any sort;

9. Website Security

Encryption Technology:
The industry standard SSL 256-bit is used to ensure that all your personal and transactional information is encrypted before transmission. 

To confirm to check you are in a secure area of our website look at the address bar of your browser and you will https:// instead of the http://.

We use these technologies and our policies to safeguard your privacy, from unauthorised access and improper use;


External Website
Links on our website that lead you to external websites, we have no control over and how you information is processed.

As other websites may handle your information in different ways, therefore we recommend you carry out you own due diligence and check the privacy policies of these websites;

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